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Loora is here to make language learning easy, affordable, and always available for everyone by providing you with your own personal AI English tutor. An AI tutor that is always available to talk about whatever you want, give you immediate feedback on your English skills, and guide you on your journey to fluency.
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Akooda is on a mission to help employees and managers understand and navigate the digital, hybrid, and remote work world. We aspire to bring back the magic of a few people in a garage to growing companies by utilizing the latest developments in AI and data science.
The DriveU.auto connectivity platform enables safe teleoperation of autonomous vehicles using cellular bonding and dynamic encoding. The platform is already deployed and used live on public roads. It provides high speed, low latency, and ultra-reliable transmission of 4k video, audio streams, high-speed data, and control channels, and is available with hardware, or as a software only implementation. The platform’s SDK and APIs enable quick and straightforward integration. DriveU.auto is based on technology developed by LiveU, the world leader in cellular-based field video transmission, deployed by more than 3,000 customers worldwide.
Secure AI Labs (SAIL) makes sharing critical businesses data safe and easy by protecting it during analysis. By advancing encryption technology used to protect media files, SAIL protects data by digitally enforcing data-use policies. This protection allows data owners to control who, how and where their data is used, even after sharing. Now businesses can access and share data as easily as renting a movie and without the liability of working with personal or proprietary information.
VoiceScript, Inc. is a leading supplier of legal technology-based SaaS solutions designed to modernize the court reporting and legal industries. VoiceScript solutions enable court reporting agencies and independent service providers to deliver best-in-class court reporting services while also significantly reducing production costs and delivery times for legal transcripts.
Modern consumers enjoy more options and choices than any other generation in history. The shift from owned assets to shared access gives them the flexibility to work, live, and move on their terms. It also leaves them exposed to an unprecedented level of financial uncertainty. Traditional insurance was not built for them. At Surround, we're reinventing age-old insurance products to serve these new consumers. We're with them as they reach for their dreams with insurance that feels designed for them. We're angel- and venture-backed by insurance and technology veterans who share our vision for a whole new world of customer-centric, technology-enabled insurance.
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Cake (joincake.com) provides a digital platform that makes it easier to do advance care planning and end-of-life planning. Cake is one of Built In Boston’s “50 Tech Startups to Watch in 2018” and has been featured in The New York Times, BBC, Forbes, The Huffington Post, and The Boston Globe. Mission: Together, we are building a destination for end-of-life planning, response, and inspiration. Reflecting on what we would want at end of life helps us to live congruently with our values, be considerate of our loved ones, and bring new meaning to living.
Building the world's largest consented patient database for clinical research.
Finding an edge in ultra-competitive markets is hard. Axiom Health enables healthcare companies and fund managers to make more every day decisions based on hard data. Our AI-driven SaaS platform creates market predictions and game-changing insights to help them rise to the top.
Cupixel is a live and on-demand creativity platform aspiring to be a leading lifestyle brand for creative experiences. By fusing state-of-the-art technology, fresh content - led by artists, and high-end art tools, we enable anyone to create stunning works of art regardless of age or artistic skill. We use AR (smart tracing) and AI (photo transformation) to ensure a fail-proof, empowering, and enjoyable creativity time.