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Data Solutions Analyst



United States
Posted on Saturday, November 11, 2023

Data Solutions Analyst

dataplor tackles location intelligence challenges, helping companies expand and

invest globally with extensive data on 250+ million places. dataplor's proprietary technology enables near-real-time data refreshes for the most up-to-date intelligence. The combination of human expertise, ML, LLM, AI, and deep learning image recognition guarantees exceptional data accuracy, even for small businesses in data-scarce areas.

dataplor is a highly collaborative environment that values natural curiosity and diverse perspectives. Successful candidates will embrace change, will be excited to try new things and to fail, and will measure success by team outcomes and customer experience with our data.

As a Data Solutions Analyst, you will report to the Director of Operations and Analytics. Your primary role is to provide rapid and accurate responses to customer and prospective clients technical inquiries related to the data. You will be the go-to person for revenue, data operations, and customer success stakeholders seeking data-centric information, clarification, and support. Your expertise will help ensure a seamless customer experience and build trust with our customers.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Solutions Support: Serve as the main point of contact for our Sales and Customer Success teams, providing data analysis support to promptly respond to customer inquiries and data-related concerns.
  • Data Clarification: Provide clear and concise explanations of the data, including its definition, usage, and any technical details, to assist customers in understanding the information.
  • Issue Resolution: Investigate and resolve any data discrepancies reported by customers, collaborating with internal teams when necessary.
  • Product Knowledge: Maintain a deep technical understanding of the data products offered by our company, staying up-to-date with any changes or updates. Assist the Sales and Customer Success teams with providing guidance on how to effectively use and interpret the data the data customers have purchased.
  • Documentation and Feedback Collection: Track common customer concerns and gather feedback based on questions and issues addressed. Communicate internally to help enhance data quality, product offerings, and customer satisfaction.


  • Demonstrated commitment to accountability and follow-through.  
  • Strong customer focus and interpersonal skills, with an ability to provide clear and friendly communication.
  • We value a sharp eye for details, and the ability to investigate and resolve data-related issues. 
  • Strong problem-solving skills, including the ability to formulate clear and concise problem statements, and the capacity to handle customer inquiries effectively and efficiently.
  • Ability to operate independently and conduct analysis with minimal instruction, depending on your intuition and understanding of the client needs.
  • Ability to generate analyses with extreme rigor to stand up to client scrutiny with revenue at stake.
  • Strong organizational skills to manage and document customer issues.
  • Flexibility to adapt to changing customer needs and evolving data products.
  • Strong SQL capability.

This Data Solutions Analyst role is pivotal in ensuring our customers have a positive experience when using our data products. Your quick and accurate responses will contribute to customer satisfaction, trust, and long-term relationships with our company.